Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Were Your Eyes Opened?

John 9:8-13

Therefore the neighbors and those who previously had seen that he was blind said, "Is this he who sat and begged?" Some said, "This is he." Others said, "He is like him." He said, "I am he." 

Therefore they said to him, "How were your eyes opened?" He answered and said, " A Man called Jesus made clay and anointed my eyes and said to me, 'Go to the pool of Siloam and wash.' So I went and washed, and received my sight."

Then they said, "Where is He" he said, "I do not know." They brought him who formerly was blind to the Pharisees.

Previously in John 9 Jesus restored the sight to a man who had been born blind.

Here those who knew this man questioned the whole event. Is this he who was blind? Yes. Or someone like him. The man himself exclaimed it was he. Two thoughts go through my head: It's like Jesus claiming Who He was and people in various places of belief or disbelief. And like when one is born again, is changed and others find it hard to believe...or wonder why they had to change. Is this he/she who used to _____ (fill in the blank)?

The big question is, How were your eyes opened? Or how will they be if they have not been? In this case it was an unconventional means, spit and dirt! My testimony will be different from someone else's. We are "captured" when and where we will "see" and understand we have been touched by God. He is amazing.

The next step this once blind man was to do was go and wash. Reminds me of baptism. We are called to step out in faith and when we do, He becomes real to us. Without physically seeing Him today, we see spiritually. We know with our whole being we have been touched by God. Our eyes were opened and we see...and we share what we know.

1John 1:2-4 - ...the life was manifested, and we have seen, and bear witness, and declare to you that eternal life which was with the Father and was manifested to us--that which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ. And these things we write to you that your joy may be full.

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