Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mining God's Word

Psalm 119:162‬ - I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.

Oh, what a marvelous study in Sunday school. Jon, our teacher, or more like a guide since there is so much excellent interaction among many other spirit-filled Bible believers, used the phrase above as we were concluding the study. It was a good word. 

We are in 1Timothy. While we were discussing the love of money being the root of all evil, we delved into what is truly important...the knowledge of Christ. How He fulfills all our desires; He is the greatest treasure. If we have Him, we have it all. It's not about the money we have or the importance of who we are in this world, but again, who we are in Christ.

In talking with a friend this morning, who was not in the study, she added to all these thoughts: we get from God what we seek. If we seek little, we will get a little. If we seek a lot, He offers more. As believers we will all get crowns. Some may get more; some may get silver, some gold or any other forms of crown. It all depends on how much we seek Him. 

Conversely, there will be no crowns, no kingdom of Heaven, for those who do not seek God at all. Oh, I could go in another direction there. I won't.

As this friend and I talked she told me what happened to her this very morning, and as was the very subject of pastor's sermon yesterday. God revealed a new truth to her that she said should couldn't believe she'd never seen...and it made so much sense to me, as if I'd known it already. This is what God does to those who seek. He reveals Himself more and more. Some will talk about it, some keep it to themselves, some write! 

He has so much He wants to share with all of us. He wants to see us become excited. I shared with her how there are times when my heart feels like it will burst just reading one verse. One verse can bring tears of sadness or joy also. He is an amazing God. Why one would not want to delve deeper...mine His Word, as Jon said, is a mystery...yet I was there myself one time. 

As Pastor suggested yesterday,  many times once one has been touched by God and knows without a doubt of this, they find it hard to pull away. We can stray sometimes, but I know for a fact there is a God who draws us back. I know for a fact that things seem to spiral out of control when we allow ourselves out of His presence...and it is we who allow the distance. 

To me there is nothing more exciting than to talk with others who share the love of Christ. Other conversations can be good and fun, but there's an excitement in sharing Christ, sharing His treasures. 

Sometimes you needn't dig deep to find a treasure. Other times you might question the meaning of scripture and He might take you deeper into it, to a place I sometimes refer to as in between the lines of scripture. It's an incredible place to be, this mining for treasure and having the Lord bring the richness.

I loved the phrase used in Sunday school yesterday...mining God's Word. Nothing can compare to the treasure of the Word of God. Not any of the riches in this world. Not fame. Not achievements. Nothing. God's Word shows who God is. It shows His love AND His justice. It shows who we were AND who we can become. It shows how He made a way when man fell to draw men back to Him. Because He loves us so much He sacrificed His Son and His Son, Jesus, became the ONLY way back to the Father. Jesus gladly chose to be the sacrifice for each of THOSE who call on His name. He beckons. Will you call...

Psalm ‭119:161‬ ‭- Princes persecute me without a cause, but my heart stands in awe of Your word.

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