Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are We Better Off Now?

1Peter 1:13 - Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ... 

Okaaayyyy. Are we better off now? Hmmmm. Where am I going with this? I could be worming my way into the political scene, which on its own does beg to ask the question, are people better off four years after the last election. But I'll leave that up to you to decide. I've said more than once this country is not about a solitary man because man is so imperfect. We all are imperfect and to believe otherwise will get you into a lot of trouble some day because it's called pride...the biggest problem we humans have.

Can we be we better off now...with Jesus? A resounding yes! All else falls into place when we have the knowledge He brings through His Holy Spirit. Oh my, how blind eyes are opened, how true hope and change are revealed...not promised with promises failed (by anyone), but promised...and promised and promised some more.

Jesus, in a nutshell, is about life: Living! Bread of life. Living water. Savior of the world. Spiritual healer (that brings eternal life). The way, the truth and the life. Jesus Himself tells us:  ...I have come that [you] may have life, and that [you] may have it more abundantly (John 10:10). Life.

When we have given of ourselves, humbled ourselves, to become Christ followers, we have all the hope we need. He gives us new life...a change well worth the price. He brings hope where there was no hope.

When I think back at where I was before Christ, where I was headed, how I really thought I was happy and hopeful, I'm thankful I changed my mind. In actuality, I wasn't all that happy. But I am thankful that when I received Christ my future was eternally secure. In time I began to realize that no weapon formed against me would prosper (Isaiah 54:17). I learned that even in death I would have life because my old self was washed in His blood, cleansed and purified, made righteous, which to this day still is a mystery to me because I know I am still not perfect...but that because I made a choice years ago, I am only seen by God through Christ. Who can understand this?

Am I better off now? I'd say so. Can you be? I'd say so again. It's your choice...spiritually (as well as politically). But make no mistake. Your spiritual future is more important. Are you moving forward spiritually or stagnant...or out of touch altogether? It's your choice.

Knowing Jesus is the most important choice you can make. Then the things of this world won't seem so iffy! Although it is important which candidate gets to run this country, it won't matter as much who gets in office because as believers we still have the change and hope Jesus brings. No president can offer this. We will know absolute truth. We will know who is for us (Romans 8:31). We know where we stand - In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence (Ephesians 3:12). God, who knows our needs here on earth, and who offers us eternal life through Jesus, who brings us eternal freedom that we can hold on to even today.

Lives filled with real change and hope, filled with promise for the future that is really important. Do not turn away the real candidate in this life who can give us what we really need. A living God, one who will live forever. One whose life on earth may have been short but whose life after death can be ours as well if we seek Him over any man.

This world be looking at dark days ahead. I'm sure you see stuff you can't wrap your head around right now. But with Christ we see the light of life. I'll take life over death. Will you?

John 12:46 - I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness.

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